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Dave Henderson Sound is an audio production company serving Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. I work with event organizers to make sure that their audience can see and hear the entertainment as it is supposed to be enjoyed.


Dave Henderson Sound

Who are you and what do you do!

Since starting with event production in 1999, I have worked to make dances, performances, conferences, and weddings memorable. My clients depend on me to help make their event run smoothly by supplying equipment and know-how to get the job done.

I specialize in sound reinforcement, lighting, and recording for performers, presenters, and event organizers. Contact me to find out what I can do for your event!

Testimonials and Previous Productions

I have been incredibly fortunate to work with many fantastic clients over the years. Here are some examples of that work and what the clients have to say.

“I’ve worked with Dave for many swing dances over the last 10 years or so. From a musician’s perspective, Dave is the ideal sound guy. He’s easy to work with, he always uses great mics and gets great sounds out of them, and the monitor sound is tops, as it is out in the room. For vocals and acoustic instruments he’s great because he knows not to over-mic everything and isn’t constantly messing around, riding the levels once the sound is set. At the same time, he’s always ready and attentive throughout the performance if adjustments need to be made. I wish he was on every gig I do!”
– Evan Arntzen, Professional Musician

“Dave did sound for our wedding, and he did a great job. I have had so many people say that our wedding was the most fun that they have ever been to, and music played such a huge part in that. Thanks Dave!”
– Camille and Mike, Newly Weds

“Dave Henderson is the consummate sound technician and professional. I hired Dave to take care of sound requirements for several speaking events, attended by upwards of one hundred business people. Dave eliminated all worries – he ensured that we had the right sound equipment on hand, and that our event speakers were heard without disruption. I would hire Dave again in a heartbeat.”
– Eric Buchegger, Marketing and Media Strategist.

The Brothers Arntzen Live at Lindy Bout, featuring Casey MacGill
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Lloyd Arntzen Salutes Johnny Dodds
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Services and Pricing


From simple stage illumination to an eye-catching lighting display, I’m sure to have what you’re looking for. Contact me to find out more.

Live Sound

Solo presenters, rappers, DJs, rock groups, and big bands. I’ve worked with them all. Drop me a message to get the details.


Preserving your performance for new audiences is really exciting. Message me to see what I can do for you.


I’m Dave, and I’m happy to talk about your event. Send me a message and I’ll be happy to prepare a custom quote for you.

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